[1] HIM TO SIN ÀJN SKOL KVMA. AND AS.ER THÉR UTLÉRED WAS. LÉT.ER HIM THRVCH.OVIR ALLE STÁTA FÁRA. A.DEL WAS.NE MINLIKA SKALK. BI SIN FÁRA HETH.ER FÉLO ÁTHA [5] WNNEN. DÁNA IS.T KVMEN THÀT.ET FOLK HIM ÁTHA.RIK HÉTEN HETH. AWET HWAT.IM ÀFTERNÉI SÁ WEL TO PASE KÉM HVAND AS SIN TÁT FALLEN WAS. BILÉV.ER IN SIN STÉD. SVNDER THAT ER VR.ET KJASA ÉNER [10] ÔTHERA GRÉVA SPRÉKA KÉM. him into his own school, and when Adel was fully educated, Friso sent him to travel through all the states. Adel was an amiable young man. On his travels, he made many allies, which is how he got the nickname Atharik — that is: ‘rich in allies’ — which was useful to him later, for when his father died, he succeeded him, without anyone suggesting another alderman be chosen.
THAHWILA A.DEL TO TEX.LÁND INNA LÉRE WÉRE. WAS THÉR TEFTA EN ÉLLE LJAWE FÁM INVPPER BURCH. HJU KÉM FONUT THA SAXANA.MARKUM WÉI. FONUT.ÉRE [15] STÁTHA THÉR IS KÉTHEN SVÔBA.LÁND THÉRTHRVCH WÀRTH HJU TO TEX.LÁND SVÔBENE HÉTEN. ÀFSKÉN HJRA NÔME JFKJA WÉRE. A.DEL HÉDE HJA LJAF KRÉJEN ÀND HJU HÉDE A.DEL LJAF. MEN [20] SIN TÁT BÉD.IM HI SKOLDE JET WACHTJA. A.DEL WAS HÉRICH. MEN ALSA RING SIN TÁT FALLEN WAS ÀND HI SÉTEN. SAND HI BISTONDA BODON NÉI BERTH.HOLDA HJRA TÁT HIN. AS.ER SINE TOGHTER TO [25] WIF HÀVA MACHTE. BERTH.HODA WÉRNE FORSTE FON VNFORBASTERE SÉD. HI HÉDE JFKJA NÉI TEX.LÁND INNA LÉRE SVNDEN INNER HÁPE THAT HJA ÉNES TO BURCH.FÁM KÉREN WRDE SKOLDE IN SINE ÀJN LÁND. [30] THACH HI HÉDE HJARA BÉDER GÉRTE KÀNNA LÉRED. THÉRVMB GVNG.ER TO ÀND JEF HJAM SINA SÉJEN. While Adel was an apprentice at Texland, there was also a very lovely maiden at the burg. She was from the Saxonmarks, from a state called Suobaland.(1) Therefore, she was known as Suobene at Texland, although her name was Ifkia. Adel had fallen in love with her, and she loved him, but his father urged him to wait a little. Adel was obedient, but as soon as his father had died and he was enthroned, he instantly sent heralds to Bertholda, her father, to ask for his daughters hand. Bertholda was a prince of unblemished morals. He had sent Ifkia as an apprentice to Texland, in the hope that she would once be chosen as burg maiden in his own land, but as he became aware of their mutual desire, he conceded and gave them his blessing.

(1) Suobaland (SVÔBA.LÁND) — Swabia.

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