[1] KANTE FRÍAS. FAR SA FÉRE IK HJA HÀV KÀNNA LÉRED HETH HJU ALÔN WROCHT ÀND WROT TILTHJU FRÍAS BERN WITHER KVMA MACHTE VNDER.A SELVA ÉWA AND VNDER [5] ÉNEN BÔN. VMBE THA MÀNNISKA VPPA HJRA SÍD TO KRÉJANDE. WAS HJU MITH HJRA FRJUDELF FON OF HJRA TÁT THRVCH ALLE SAXANA MARKA FÁREN AND FORTH NÉI GÉRT.MANNJA. GÉRT.MANNJA [10] ALSA HÉDON THA GÉRT.MANNA HJARA STÁT HÉTEN. THÉR HJA THRVCH GOSA HJRA BIJELDINGA KRÉJEN HÉDE. Ifkia was a sharp-edged Frya. As far as I have come to know her, she did everything she could to reunite Frya's children under the same laws and under one alliance. In order to get people to side with her, she had traveled with her bridegroom, from her father, through all Saxonmarks and then to Geartmania (Geartmania was how the Geartmen had named their state, which they had obtained by Gosa's policy.)
DÁNÁ GVNGON HJA NÉI THA DÉNE.MARKA. FON THA DÉNA.MARKA GVNGON HJA SKYP NÉI TEX.LAND. [15] FON TEX.LÁND GVNGON HJA NÉI WEST FLÍLAND ÀND SÁ ALINGEN THA SÉ NÉI WAL.HALLA.­GÁRA HIN. FON WAL.HALLA.GÁRA BRÛDON HJA ALINGEN THÉRA SÛDER HRÉNUM ALONT HJA MITH GRÁTE FRÉSE [20] BOPPA THÉRE RÉNE BY THA MÁRSATA KÉMON HWÉRFON VSA A.POL.LÁNJA SKRÉVEN HETH. THA HJA THÉR EN STÛT WÉST HÉDE GVNGON HJA WITHER NÉI THA DELTA. From there they went to the Denmarks; from the Denmarks they went by ship to Texland; from Texland they went to West Fleeland and along the coast to Walhallagara. From Walhallagara, they continued along the southern Rhine, until, with great apprehension, they arrived beyond the Rhine at the Lake-dwellers (Marsata), of whom our Apollania has written. After they had stayed there a while, they returned to the delta.
AS HJA NW EN TID LÔNG NÉI THA DELTA [25] OF.FÁREN WÉRON ALONT HJA INNA STRÉK FON THÉRE ALDA BURCH AKEN KÉMON THA SIND THÉR VNWARLINGA FJUWER SKALKA MORTH ÀND NAKED UTEKLÁT. HJA WÉRON EN LITH ÀFTERAN [30] KVMEN. MIN BROTHER THER VRAL BY WAS HÉDE HJA OFTEN VRBÉDEN THACH HJA NÉDE NAVT NE HÉRED. THA BÔNAR As they had been descending some time towards the delta, and had reached the region of the old burg Aken, four of their servants were unexpectedly murdered and stripped naked. They had fallen behind a little. My brother, who had traveled everywhere with them, had often forbidden them to do so, but they had not listened. The brutes

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