[1] THÉR THÀT DÉN HÉDE WÉRON TWISK.LÁNDAR THÉR JUDDÉGA DRIST WÉI OVIRA HRÉNA KVMA TO MORDA ÀND TO RÁWANDE. THA TWISK.LÁNDAR THAT SIND BANNANE [5] ÀND WÉI BRITNE FRYA.S BERN. MEN HJARA WIVA HÀVATH HJA FON THA TARTARUM RÁWET. THA TARTARA IS EN BRUN FINDAS FOLK ALTHUS HÉTEN THRVCHDAM HJA ALLE FOLKA TO STRIDA UTTARTA. HJA [10] SIND AL HRUTAR ÀND RÁWAR. THÉRFON SEND THA TWISK.LÁNDAR ALSA BLOD.THORSTICH WRDEN. that had done it were Twisklanders, who nowadays boldly cross the Rhine to kill and rob. (The Twisklanders were banished and fugitive children of Frya, but they stole their wives from the Tartars. The Tartars are a brown Finda's folk, thus named because they provoke — or ‘tarta’ — all nations to battle. They are all riders and robbers. This is how the Twisklanders have become so bloodthirsty.)
THA TWISKLANDAR THAM THJUS ÀRGNISE DÉN HÉDE. HÉTON HJARA SELVA FRÍA JEFTHA FRANKA. [15] THÉR WÉRON SÉIDE MIN BROTHER. RÁDA. BRUNA. ÀND WITA MÔNG. THÉRA THÉR RÁD JEFTHA BRUN WÉRON BITON HJARA HÉRE MITH SJALK.WÉTER WIT. NÉI DAM HJARA ÔNTHLITA THÉR BRUN BI WÉR [20] ALSA WRDON HJA THESTO LÉDLIKER THÉR THRVCH. The Twisklanders who had committed this crime called themselves Frees or Franks. My brother said there were red-, brown- and white-haired among them. Those with red or brown hair bleached their hair white with chalk or lime water, but as their faces remained brown, it made them even more ugly.
ÉVIN AS A.POL.LÁNJA BISKOJADON HJA ÀFTERNÉI LYDA.S BURCH ÀND ET ALDER.GÁ. DÁNÁ TÁGON HJA INOVIR STÁVEREN.S.WRDA BY HJARA LJUDA ROND. ALSA [25] MINLIK HÉDON HJA HJARA SELVA ANSTÀLED. THAT THA MÀNNISKA RA ALLERWÉIKES HALDA WILDE. THRÉ MÒNATHA FORTHER SAND A.DEL BODON NÉI ALLE ATHUM THÉR HI BIWNNEN HÉDE. ÀND [30] LÉT THAM BIDDA. HJA SKOLDON INNA MINNA MÒNATH LICHTA LJUDA TO HIM SENDA. Just like Apollania, they concluded their journey with a visit to Lydasburg and the Alderga. Thereupon, they toured along the shores of Staveren, visiting their kindred. They had behaved with so much amiability that everywhere they went, the people wished them to stay. Three months later, Adel sent messengers to all the allies that he had made, urging them to send him lucid men in the Minnemonth [May].

[16c. Gosa: Purity of Language]
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SIN WIF SÉIDER THÉR FÁM His wife, he said, who

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