[1] FON HIRTE BISTONDA VRKÀNNA MÉI. NÉIDAM VSA TÁLE THUS TO LUK ÀND TO SÉLIGHÉD WÉJATH. ÀND THUS MITH WÁKTH ÀJEN THA BOSA NÍGONGA THÉR­VMBE IS HJU [5] MITH ALLE RJUCHT GOD.IS TÁLE HÉTEN. ÀND ALLE THA JENA HWAM HJA AN ÉRE HALDA HÀVATH THÉR GÔME FON. can instantly be identified. Because our language thus leads to luck and happiness, and helps beware of evil inclinations, its name ‘God's language’ is fully justified, and all those who hold it in honor, benefit from it.
THA HWAT IS BÉRTH. ALSA RING THÉR MONG VSA HALF SUSTERUM ÀND HALF BROTHARUM [10] BIDROGAR VPKÉMON THAM HJARA SEL FORI GOD.IS.SKALKUM UT JAVON. ALSA RING IS THÀT OWERS WRDEN. THA BIDROGLIKA PRESTERA ÀND THA WRANG WRÉJA FORSTA. THÉR IMMER SÉMIN [15] HÉLADON. WILDON NÉI WILKÉR LÉVA ÀND BUTA GOD.IS ÉWA DVAN. IN HJARA TSJOD.IS HÉD SEND HJA TO GVNGEN ÀND HÀVON ÔTHERA TÁLA FORSVNNEN TILTHJU HJA HÉMLIK MACHTE SPRÉKA IN [20] ÀJENWARTHA FON ALREK ÔTHERUM. VR ALLE BOSA THINGA ÀND VR ALLE VNWÉRTHLIKA THINGA SVNDER THÀT STEMLÉTH HJAM VRRÉDA MOCHT NACH SKÁMRÁD HJARA GELÁT VRDERVA. However, what happened? As soon as deceivers arose among our half-sisters and half-brothers, who presented themselves as God's servants, things instantly changed. The deceptive priests and the bitter-cruel princes, who always conspired together, wanted to live as they pleased and bypass God's laws. In their wickedness, they have invented different languages, so as to be able to speak secretly in the presence of others about all evil things and about all unworthy things, without a stammer betraying them, or a blush tainting their faces.
MEN [25] HWAT IS THÉR UT BERN. ÉVIN BLÍD AS.T SÉD THÉRA GODA KRÛDUM FON VNDERNE GRVND UT VNTKÉMTH THÀT AVBÉR SÉJED IS THRVCH GODA LJUDA BÍ HELLE DÉI. ÉVEN BLÍD BRENGTH TÍD THA [30] SKADLIKA KRUDA AN.T LJUCHT THÉR SÉJED SEND THRVCH BOSA LJUDA. IN.T FORBORGNE AND BÍ THJUSTRENESE. So what was born from that? Just as the seed of good herbs germinates under the ground, when it was openly sown by good men in the bright of day, so time brings to light the harmful herbs, that were sown by evil men in secret and in darkness.

Note: line 24 of the facsimile had to be reconstructed from another copy because of a scanning error.

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