[1] THA LODDERIGA MAN'GÉRTNE AND THA VNMÀNLIKA KNÁPA THÉR MITHA WLA PRESTERUM ÀND FORSTUM HORADON VNTLVKADON THA NYA TÁLA AN HJARA [5] BOLA. THERWISA SEND HJA FORTH KVMEN ÉMONG THA FOLKRUM TILTHJU HJA GOD.IS TÁLE GLÁD VRJETTEN HÀVE. The dissolute girls and unmanly boys, who prostituted themselves to the vile priests and princes, elicited the new languages from their bed partners. That is how they spread among the peoples, until they altogether forgot God's language.
WILST NV WÉTA HWAT THÉR OF WRDEN IS. NV STEM.LÉTH NER GELÁT HJARA [10] BOSA TOCHTA NAVT LÔNGER MÁR VRRÉDON. NV IS DÜGED FON UT HJARA MIDDEN WÉKEN. WISDOM IS FOLGTH ÀND FRÍDOM IS MITH GVNGEN. ÉNDRACHT IS SOK RÁKTH ÀND TWISPALT HETH SIN [15] STÉD IN NOMMEN. LJAFDE IS FLJUCHT ÀND HORDOM SIT MITH NÍD AN TÉFEL. ÀND THÉR ÉR RIUCHTFÉRDICHHÉD WELDE. WELTH NV THÀT SWÉRD. ALLE SEND SLÁVONA WRDEN THA [20] LJUD FON HJARA HÉRA [ÀND THA HÉRA] FON NÍD. BOSA LUSTA ÀND FON BIGÍRLIKHÉD. HÉDE HJA NV MÁR ÉNE TÁLE FORSVNNEN. MÜGLIK WAS.T THÀN JET EN LITH GOD GVNGEN. MEN HJA HÀVON ALSA [25] FÉLO TÁLA UTFONDEN AS THÉR STÁTA SEND. THÉRTHRVCH MÉI THAT ÉNE FOLK THÀT ÔRE FOLK ÉVIN MIN FORSTÁN AS THJU KV THENE HVND ÀND THI WOLF THÀT SKÉP. THIT MÜGATH [30] THA STJURAR BITJUGA THACH DÁNÁ IS.T NV WÉI KVMEN. THAT ALLE SLÁVONA FOLKAR MANLIKÔTHERA Would you like to know what became of this? Now that stammering or the face no longer give away their evil thoughts, virtue has vanished from their midst; wisdom followed and freedom also left. Unity got lost and discord took its place. Love has fled and promiscuity shares a table with envy; and where once justice ruled, rules now the sword. All have become slaves: The populace of their masters, and the masters of envy,(1) addictions and greed. If they had only invented one language, things might possibly have still gone on well, but they invented as many languages as there are states, so that one folk can understand another folk just as little as the cow the dog, or the wolf the sheep. The steersmen can confirm this. The result of all this is that all slave folks consider each other as strangers,

(1) ‘and the masters’ — added to make sense of sentence; they were probably forgotten by the author or missed by a copyist.

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