[1] BERN FINDA.S SIND. SE GELÁVATH THET FINDA FONUT.ET HIMMEL.LÀJA BERTA BERN IS. HVANÁ SE MITH HJARA BERN NÉI THA DELTA JEFTHA LÉGTE [5] TOGEN IS. WELKE VNDER THAM GELÁVATH THET SE MITH HJRA BERN VPPET SKUM THER HÉLIGE GONGG.À DEL GONGGEN IS. THÉRVMBE SKOLDE THI RUN.STRÁME HÉLIGE GONGG.À HÉTA. [10] MÁR THA PRESTERA THÉR UT EN ÔR LÔND WECH KVMA LÉTON THI LJUDA VPSPÉRA ÀND VRBARNA. THÉRVMBE NE THURVATH SE FAR HJARA SÉK NIT ÔPENTLIK UT NI KVMA. and that Finda was born out of the Himalaya mountains, from where she descended to the delta or lowlands with her children. Some of them believe that she has floated (gone: ‘gong'gen’) down upon the foam of the Holy Ganges with her children. That would be the reason why the river is called Holy Ganges (‘Gong'gà). The priests, however, who came from abroad, had these people hunted down and burned. There­fore, they do not dare to openly declare their creed.
IN THET LÔND [15] SIND ÔLLE PRESTERA TJOK ÀND RIK. IN HJARA CHÀRKA WERTHAT ÔLLERLÉJA DROCHTENLIKA BYLDON FVNDEN. THÉR VNDER SIND FÉLO GOLDEN MANK. BI WESTA PAN'G.AB THÉR SIND THA [20] ÍRA JEFTHA WRANGA. THA GEDROSTNE JEFTHA BRITNE. AND THA ORJETTEN JEFTHA VRJETNE. ÔL THISA NÔMA SIND AR THRVCH THA NÍDIGE PRESTERA JÉVEN THRVCHDAM HJA FON AR FLJUCHTE. VMB [25] SÉDA ÀND GELÁV. All priests in the land are fat and rich. In their temples a variety of statues representing gods are displayed, among which many are made of gold. To the west of Panj-ab (Indus), the ‘Ira’ or wrathful live, as well as the ‘Gedrostne’ (Gedrosians) or runaways, and the ‘Oryetten’ (Oritae) or forgotten. All these names were given them by the envious priests from whom they had fled to save their own morals and beliefs.
BI HJARA KVMSTE HÉDON VSA ÉTHLA HJARA SELVA ÁK AN THA ÁST.LIKA OWER FON PAN'G.AB DEL SET. MEN VMB THERA PRESTAR WILLE SIND SE ÁK NÉI THER WESTER [30] OWER FÁREN. THÉRTHRVCH HÀVON WI THA ÍRA ÀND THA ÔTHERA KENNA LÉRTH. THA ÍRA NE SIND NÉNE ÍRA MÁR GODA When they arrived here, our ancestors settled on both shores of the Panj-ab, but because of the priests, the settlers on the eastern shore likewise moved to the western shore.(2) Thence we became acquainted with the Ira and the others. The Ira are not ireful, but good people,

(2) Changed for clarity; lit.: (our ancestors) ‘also settled on the eastern shores of the Panj-ab, but because of the priests they also moved to the western shores’.

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