[1] MINSKA THER NÉNA BYLDON TOLÉTA NACH ÒNBIDDA. ÁK WILLATH SE NÉNA CHÀRKA NACH PRESTAR DOGA. ÀND ÉVIN ALS WY.T FRÁNA LJUCHT FON FÀSTA VPHOLDA. ÉVIN [5] SÁ HOLDON SE ÔLLERWECHS FJUR IN HJARA HÛSA VP. KVMTH MÔN EFTER ÉL WESTLIK ÒLSÁ KVMTH MÔN BY THA GEDROSTNE who do not tolerate or worship statues of gods. They also will not permit temples or priests, and just like us they uphold the sacred light of Festa, and also maintain permanent fires in their houses. Whomsoever travels very far to the west, however, arrives at the Gedrosians.
FON THA GEDROSTNE. THISA SIND MITH ÔRA FOLKRUM BASTERED ÀND [10] SPRÉKATH ÔLLE AFSVNDERLIKA TÁLA. THISA MINSKA SIND WÉRENTLIK ÍRA BONAR. THÉR AMMER MITH HJARA HORSA VPOVERA FJELDA DWALA. THÉR AMMER JÁGJA AND RÁWA ÀND THÉR HJARA SELVA [15] ALS SALT.ÁTHA FORHÉRA ANTHA OMHÉMMANDE FORSTA. THER WILLE HWAM SE ALLES NITHER HÁWA HWAT SE BIRÉKA MÜGE. Regarding the Gedrosians: those are bastardized with other peoples and speak many different languages. These people are genuine ireful murderers, who always roam the fields with their horses, who always hunt and rob, and who work as mercenaries for princes of the neighboring states, for the sake of whom they hew down whatever they can reach.
THET LÔND TWISK PAN'G.AB ÀND THER GONGG.À IS LIKE FLET AS FRYA.S [20] LÔND AN THA SÉ. AFWIXLATH MITH FJELDUM ÀND WALDUM. FRUCHTBÀR AN ALLE DÉLUM. MÁR THET MACH NIT VRLETTA THAT THÉR BIHWILA THÛSANDA BY THÛSANDA THRVCH HONGER BISWIKE. [25] THISA HONGERNÉDE MACH THÉRVMBE NIT AN WRALDA NACH AN JRTHA WYTEN NIT WERTHA. MÁR ALLÉNA ANTHA FORSTA ÀND PRESTERA. The land between the Panj-ab (Indus) and the Ganges is just as flat as Fryasland by the sea, with varied landscapes of fields and woods, fertile in all parts, which, however, does not prevent thousands upon thousands sometimes starving to death there. These famines can thus not be attributed to Wralda or Earth, but only to the princes and priests.
THA HINDOS SIND IVIN BLODE ÀND FORFÉRED FROM HJARA FORSTUM [30] ALS THA HINDNE FROM THA WOLVA SIND. THÉRVMBE HÀVON THA ÍRA ÀN ÔRA RA HINDOS HÉTEN. THET HINDNE BITJOTH. The Hindus are just as timid and fearful before their princes as the hinds before the wolves. Therefore, the Ira and others have named them Hindus, which means hinds.

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