[1] MÁR FON HJARA BLODHÉD WÀRTH AFGRISLIKA MISBRUK MÁKTH. KVMATH THÉR FERHÉMANDE KÁPLJUD VMB KÉREN TO KÁPJANDE ALSÁ WARTH ALLES TO JELDUM MÁKTH. THRVCH [5] THA PRESTERA NI WARTH.ET NIT WÉRTH. HWAND THISA NOCH SNODER ÀND JÍRIGER ALS ALLE FORSTA TO SAMENE. WYTATH ÉL GOD THET AL.ET JELD ENDLIK IN HJARA BÛDAR KVMTH. Their timidity is terribly taken advantage of. If foreign merchants come to purchase grain, everything is turned into money. This is not prevented by the priests, because they, being even more dishonorable and greedy than all princes combined, know very well that all the money will eventually flow into their pockets.
BUTA ÀND BIHALVA THET THA LJUDA THÉR FÜL FON [10] HJARA FORSTA LYDA. MOTON HJA ÁK NOCH FÜL FON THET FENÍNIGE ÀND WILDE KWIK LYDA. THÉR SIND STORE ÉLEFANTA THÉR BY ÉLE KIDDUM HLÁPA. THÉR BIHWÍLA ÉLE FJELDA KÉREN VRTRAPPE ÀND ÉLE THORPA. [15] THÉR SIND BONTE ÀND SWARTE KATTA. TIGRUM HÉTEN THÉR SÁ GRÁT ALS GRÁTE KALVAR SIND. THÉR MINSK ÀND DJAR VRSLYNNE. Besides what the people suffer from their princes, they also suffer much from the poisonous and wild animals. There are big elephants that go about in large herds and sometimes trample down whole fields of grain and whole villages. There are parti­coloured and black cats, called tigers, that are as big as big calves, and devour both humans and animals.
BÛTA FÉLO ÔRA WRIGGUM SIND THÉR SNÁKA FON AF THA GRÁTE ÉNER [20] WÍRME ÔL TO THA GRÁTE ÉNER BÁM. THA GRÁTESTE KENNATH EN ÉLE KV VRSLYNNA. MÁR THA LÍTHSTE SIND NOCH FRÉSLIKER ALS THAM. SE HOLDON HJARA SELVA TWISK BLOM AND FRUCHTA SKUL. VMB THA MINSKA [25] TO BIGÁNA THAM THÉR AF PLOKJA WILLE. IS MÒN THÉR FON BYTEN. SÁ MOT MÒN STÀRVA HWAND ÀJEN HJARA FENYN HETH JRTHA NÉNA KRUDA JÉVEN. ÔLSÁNÁKA THA MINSKA HJARA SELVA HÀVON SKILDICH MÁKTH AN AFGODJE. Besides many other creeping animals, there are snakes from the size of a worm all the way to the size of a tree. The largest can swallow a whole cow, but the smallest are even more dangerous. They hide between flowers and fruits in order to attack those who come to pick them. Whoever is bitten by them must die, because Earth will not give herbs against their poison, as long as the people make themselves guilty of idolatry.(3)
[30] FORTH SIND THÉR ÔLLERLÉJA SLACHT FON HÁCH.DISKA. NYN.DISKA ÀND Á.DISKA. ÔL THISA DISKA SIND YVIN ALS THA SNÁKA Furthermore, there are various kinds of land and water reptiles,4 and all these — like the snakes —

(3) Changed for clarity; lit.: ‘because against their poison Earth has given no herbs, (as long as / insofar) the people have made themselves guilty of idolatry’.

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