[1] BASTUM MÁKTH MÀN TÁW ÀND FON THA KERNUM MÁKTH MÀN CHELKA ÀND ÔR GERÁD. HÍR INNA WALDA HÀV IK KRUP ÀND STÁK.BÉJA SJAN. BY VS SIND BÉI.BÁMA ALS JOW [5] LINDA.BÁMA. HWÉR FON THA BÉJA FÜL SWÉTER ÀND THRÉ WÁRA GRÁTER AS STÁKBÉJA SIND. husks ropes are made, and of the shells cups and other utensils. In the woods here I have seen creep and stalk berries. In our homeland there are berry trees like your linden trees, the fruits of which are much sweeter and three times as big as stalk berries.
HWERSA THA DÉGA VPPA SIN OLDERLÔNGSTE SIND ÀND THJU SVNNE FON TOP SKINTH. THEN SKIN SE LIN.RJUCHT [10] VPPA JOW HOLE DEL. IS MÀN THEN MITH SIN SKIP ÉL FÉR SÛDLIK FÁREN ÀND MÀN THES MIDDÉIS MITH SIN GELÁT NÉI.T ÁSTEN KÉRED. SÁ SKINTH SVNNE ÀJEN THINE WINSTERE SÍDE LIK SE ÒWERS ÀJEN THINE [15] FÉRRE SÍDE DVAT. When the days are at the longest, and the sun is at its highest position, it shines down on your head perpendicularly. If you then sail very far to the south by ship, and turn your face to the east at midday, the sun will shine upon your left side, as it otherwise does upon your right side.
HÍRMITHA WIL IK ENDA MÁR AFTER MIN SKRÍWE SKIL.ET THI LICHT NOG FALLA. VMB THA LÉJEN AFTIGA TELTJAS TO MÜGE SKIFTANE FON THA WARA TELLINGA. With this I will end, confident that my writing will make it easy for you to separate made up tales from true accounts.
JOW LJUD.GÉRT. Your Liudgeart.

[17. Beden, Son of Haechgana]
[20] MINE NÔM IS BÉDEN. HÁCH.GÁNA HIS SVN. KONE.RÉD MIN ÉM IS NIMMER BOSTIGJATH ÀND ALSA BERNLÁS STURVEN. MY HETH MÀN IN SIN STÉD KOREN. A.DEL THENE THREDDE KÀNING [25] FON THJUSE NÔME HETH THJU KÉSE GOD KÉRTH MITES IK HIM AS MINA MÀSTRE BIKENNA WILDE. BÛTA THÀT FVLLE ERV MINRE ÉM HETH.ER MI EN ÉLE PLEK GRVND JÉVEN THAT AN MINA [30] ERVA PÁLADE. VNDER FÁRWÉRDE THAT IK THÉR.VP SKOLDE MÀNNISKA STALLA THÉR SINA LJUDA NINMERTHE SKOLDE My name is Beden,(1) son of Haechgana. My uncle Koneread had never married and thus died childless. I was chosen in his place. Adel, the third king of that name, approved of that choice, after I agreed to acknowledge him as my master. Besides the entire inheritance of my uncle, he gave me quite an amount of land bordering my estate, on condition that I would settle people there who would never (...) his people (...)

(1) ‘Beden’ (BÉDEN) meaning: prayed/asked for; this is probably the same name as Bede.

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