[1] FON OF.NE WÍRME TIL.NE BÁMSTAME GRÁT. NÉI THAT HJA GRÁT JOF FRÉSLIK SIND. SIND HJARA NÔMA THÉR IK ALLE NIT NOMA NI KEN. THA ALDER­GRÁTE­STE Á.DISKA SIND [5] AL.GÀTTAR HÉTEN THRVCHDAM SE YVIN GRÛSICH BITTE AN THET ROTTE KWIK THAT MITH.A STRÁMA FON BOPPE NÉI THA DELTA DRÍWETH AS AN THET LÉVANDE KWIK THÀT SE BIGÁNA MÜGE. vary from the size of a worm to the trunk of a tree. According to their size and danger, they have names of which I do not know all. The greatest water-reptiles of all are called ‘all-getters’ or alligators, because they bite as eagerly into rotting animal corpses that float downstream to the delta, as into any living prey within their reach.
AN THA WEST.SÍDE [10] FON PAN'G.AB WÁNÁ WI WECH KVMA. ÀND HWÉR IK BERN BEN. THÉR BLOJATH ÀND WAXATH THA SELVA FRUCHTA ÀND NOCHTA AS AN THA ÁST.SIDE. TOFÁRA WRDON.ER ÁK THA SELVA WRIGGA FONDEN. MÁR [15] VSA ÉTHLA HAVON ALLE KRÍL.WALDA VRBARNATH ÀND ALSANÁKA ÀFTER.ET WILDE KWIK JÁGED THAT THER FÉ MÀR RESTA. KVMTH MAN ÉL WEST.LIK FON PAN'G.AB THEN FINTH MÀN NEFFEN FETTE ETTA ÁK [20] DORRA GÉST.LANDA THÉR VN.ENDLIK SKINA BIHWILA OFWIXLATH MITH LJAFLIKA STRÉKA HWÉRAN THET ÁG FORBONDEN BILÍWET. On the west side of Panj-ab (Indus), from whence we come and where I was born, the same fruits and grains sprout and grow as on the east side. There also used to be the same creeping animals, but our ancestors have burned all underwood and hunted wild animals to the extent that there are very few left. Whomsoever travels very far to the west of the Panj-ab finds, besides rich pastures, also barren heathlands, which seem endless, but are occasionally varied by lovely areas to which the eye remains bound.
VNDER THA FRUCHTA FON MIN LAND SIND FÉLO SLACHTA MANK THÉR IK HÍR NIT [25] FONDEN HÀV. VNDER ALLERLÉJA KÉREN IS.ER ÁK GOLDEN MANK. ÀK GOLD.GÉLE APLE HWÉR FON WELKE SÁ SWÉT ALS HÛNING SIND ÀND WELKE SA WRANG ALS ÉK. BY VS WERTHAT NOCHTA FONDEN [30] LIK BERN HÁVEDA SA GRÁT. THÉR SIT TSÍS ÀND MELOK IN. WERTHAT SE ALD SA MÁKTH MÀN THER ÔLJA FON. FON THA Among the fruits of my land, there are many sorts, which I have not found here. Among the various grains, some is golden, and there are gold-yellow apples, some of which are sweet as honey, others sour as vinegar. There are nuts as large as a child's head, containing cheese and milk. When they are old, oil is made from them. Of the

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