[Letters of Instruction]
[A. Hidde Oera Linda, 1256 CE]
[1] OKKE MIN SVN. Okke, my son,
THISSA BOKA MOT I MITH LIF ÀND SÉLE WÁRJA. SE VMBIFATTATH THJU SKÉDNISSE FON VS ÉLE FOLK ÁK FON [5] VSA ÉTHLUM. You must preserve these books with body and soul. They contain the history of our whole folk as well as our ancestors.
VRLÉDEN JÉR HÀB IK THAM ÛT.ER FLOD HRED TOLIK MITH THI ÀND THINRA MODER. THA HJA WÉRON WET WRDEN. THÉRTHRVCH GVNGON HJA ÀFTERNÉI VRDÀRVA. [10] VMBE HJA NAVT TO VRLÍSA HÀB IK RA VP WRLANDISK PAMPÍER WRSKRÉVEN. SAHWERSA THV SE ERVE. MOT THV SE ÁK WRSKRÍVA. THIN BÀRN ALSA TILTHJU HJA NIMMERTHE [15] WÉI NAVT NE KVMA. Last year I saved them from the flood, along with you and your mother. But they had become wet and started to fall apart. To preserve them, I copied them on foreign paper. When you inherit them, you too must make a copy. And your children likewise, so that they will never be lost.
SKRÉWEN TO LJUWERT. NÉI ÁTLAND SVNKEN IS. THÀT THRJA THÛSOND-FJVWER HVNDRED ÀND NJUGON ÀND FJVWERTIGOSTE JÉR. [20] THAT IS NÉI KERSTEN RÉKNONG THAT TVELF.HVNDRED. SEX ÀND FIFTIGOSTE JÉR. Written in Liuwert,(1) in the three thousand, four hundred, forty-ninth year after Atland sank.(2) That is in Christian reckoning the twelve hundred and fifty-sixth year.(3)
Hidde, surnamed Oera Linda.

(1) ‘Liudwerd’ (LJUWERT) — Elsewhere different varieties are used (LJUD.WERD, LJUD.WARDJA). In this and similar cases, a spelling close to the original is used in the translation. The older versions may have been located elsewhere (compare Lutjeswaard). Current Frisian spelling: Ljouwert; Dutch: Leeuwarden.
(2) ‘Átland’ — original spelling (used 8 times) is maintained; elsewhere (5 times) also spelled ‘Aldland’.
(3) If the Christian year 1256 corresponds to year 3449 'after Atland sank', the sinking of Atland would have occurred in 3449 - 1256 - 1 (year zero) = 2192 BCE.
(4) ‘Watch!’ (WÁK) — or: keep watch, be awake.

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