[19. The Fourth King after Friso]
[19a. Askar Prepares for War]
[1] THÉRVMBE WIL IK THÀT FORMA VR SWARTE A.DEL SKRIVA. So, first I will write about Black Adel.
SWARTE A.DEL WÉRE THENE FJURDE KENING AFTER FRÍSO. BY SIN JÜGED HETHER TO TEX.LAND LÉRED. ÀFTERNÉI HETHER [5] TO STÁVEREN LÉRED. ÀND FORTH HETH.ER THRVCH OVIR ALLE STÁTA FÁREN. THÁ THAT.ER FJVWER ÀND TVINTICH JÉR WÉRE HETH SIN TÁT MÁKED THAT.ER TO A.SEGA.ÁSKAR KÉREN IS. THÁ.ER ÉN.MEL ÁSKAR WÉRE. ÁSKTE HI [10] ALTI IN.T FÁRDÉL THÉRA ÀRMA. THA RIKA. SÉD.ER PLÉGATH ÉNOCH VNRJUCHTA THINGA THRVCH MIDDEL FON HJARA JELD. THÉRVMBE ÁGON WI TO NJVDANE THAT THA ÀRMA NÉI VS OMME SJAN. THRVCH THÁ.S ÀND [15] ÔRA RÉDNE WÉR.I THENE FRJUND THÉRA ÀRMA ÀND THÉRA RIKA SKRIK. ALSA ÀRG IS.T KVMEN THAT SIN TÁT HIM NÉI THA ÁGUM SACH. Black Adel was the fourth king after Friso. In his youth, he had studied at Texland, and later on at Staveren, and then he traveled widely throughout all the states. When he was twenty-four his father had him elected law speaker and ‘asker’.(1) From the moment he was made asker, he would always advocate for the benefit of the poor. ‘The rich’, he said, ‘commit enough injustice with their wealth, so we must prevent the poor from turning away from us.’ For reasons such as this, he was considered the friend of the poor and the scourge of the rich. It became so bad that even his father shied away from him.
THÁ SIN TÁT FALLEN WAS ÀND HY VPPA THAMHIS SÉTEL KLÍWED. THÁ WILD.­ER [20] ÉVIN GOD SIN AMBT BIHALDA. LIK AS THA KENINGGAR FON.T ÁSTA PLÉGATH. THA RIKA NILDON THAT NAVT NE DÁJA. MEN NW HLIP ALLET ÔRA FOLK TO HÁPE ÀND THA RIKA WÉRON BLÍDE THAT HJA HÉL.HÛDIS [25] FON THÉRE ACHT OF KÉMON. FON TO NE HÉRADE MÀN NIMMER MÁRA OVIR É.LIKA RJUCHT PETÀRJA. HI DUMDE THA RIKA ÀND HI STRYKTE THA ÀRMA MITH HWAMHIS HELPE HI ALLE SÉKUM ÁSKTE [30] THÉR.ER BISTEK VP HÉDE. After his father died and he mounted the throne, he still wanted to continue in the role of asker as well, like the kings of the east. The rich objected to that, but the masses supported him and the rich were lucky to escape unharmed from the assembly. From that time on, people stopped speaking of equal justice. He cursed the rich and flattered the poor, who helped him claim all cases that were important to him.
KÉNING ÁSKAR LIK.ER IMMER HÉTEN WARTH. WÉRE BY SJUGUN JRTH.FÉT LÔNGE. SÁ GRÁT SIN TÔL King Askar, as he used to be called, was nearly seven feet tall and as great as his stature

(1) 'law speaker and ‘asker’' (A.SEGA.ÁSKAR) – the name Asinga Ascon from the Frisian chroniclers may have been derived from this.

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