[1] ÀND ALDA.LICHTA VRLÉTA. IK NIL NÉN KWÁD SPRÉKA VR VSA ÉTHLA. IK WIL ALLÉNA SEGA. VNDERA TÍDA HWÉRVP THRVCH SVME SÁ HERDE BOGATH WARTH HÀVON THA BURCH.FÁMNA [5] TWÍSPALT INOVIR VSA LANDA BROCHT. ÀND THA MODERA FÜR ÀND NÉI NE KVNDON TWÍSPALT NAVT WITHER TO.T LAND UT NE DRÍVA. JETA ÀRGER THAHWILA HJA KÀLTA ÀND PETARADE VR NÁDELÁSA PLÉGA. SEND [10] THA GOLA KVMEN ÀND HÁVON AL VSA SKÉNA SÛDARLANDA RÁWETH. HÉMIS DÉGA SEND HJA MITH VSA VRBRUDA BROTHARUM ÀND HJARA SALT.ÁTHUM AL OVERA SKELDA KVMEN. VS REST THUS TO KJASÁNE TWISK.ET [15] BÉRA FON JUK JEF SWÉRD. and the wise elderly. Not to speak ill of our ancestors, but consider this: In the times that some of us idealize, burg maidens sowed discord in our lands and neither the mother, nor her successors were able to put an end to it. Even worse, while they chattered about irrelevant customs, the Gols came and stole all our beautiful southern lands. Recently, they came over the Scheldt with our lost brothers and their mercenaries. So we are left to choose between carrying yoke or sword.
WILLATH WI FRÍ SEND ÀND FRÍ BILÍWA ALSA ÁGON THA KNÁPA THÀT LÉSA ÀND SKRÍVA FÁR.HÔNDIS ÀFTERWÉI.N TO LÉTANE ÀND IN STÉDE THAT HJA INVPPA THÉRE MÉIDE HWIP ÀND SWIK [20] SPÉLE MOTON HJA MITH SWÉRD ÀND SPÍRI SPÉLA. SEND WI IN ALLE DÉLA OFNED ÀND THA KNÁPA STOR ENOCH VMB HELMET ÀND SKILD TO BÉRANE ÀND THA WÉPNE TO HÔNTÉRANE THEN SKIL IK MY [25] MITH JOWER HELPA VPPA THENE FJAND WERPA. THA GOLA MÉJEATH THEN THA NITHER LÉGA FON HJARA HELPAR AND SALT.ÁTHUM VPPA VSA FJELDUM SKRÍWA MITH.ET BLOD THÀT ÛT HJARA WNDUM [30] DRJUPTH. HÀVON WI THENE FÍAND ÉN MEL FAR VS ÛT DRÉVEN ALSA MOTON WI THÉRMITH FORTH GVNGÀ ALHWENNE If we want to be and remain free, the young men must, for now, leave the reading and writing, and instead of playing games in taverns, they must play with sword and spear. When we are fully skilled and the young men strong enough to carry helmet and shield and handle weapons, I shall, with your help, attack the enemy. The Gols may then write of the defeats of their helpers and mercenaries in our fields with the blood that drips from their wounds. Once we have gotten the enemy on the run, we must continue driving them back, until

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