[1] THÉR NÉN GOLA NER SLÁVONA NACH TARTARA MÁRA FON FRYA.S ERV TO VRDRÍVANE SEND. there are no more Gols, Slaves or Tartars to be expelled from Frya's territory.’
THÁ.S RJUCHT HRÍPON THA MÁSTA ÀND THA RIKA NE THVRADON HJARA MULA NAVT [5] ÉPEN NE DVA. THJUS TOSPRÉKE HÉD SÉKUR TOFARA FORSONNEN ÀND VRSKRIVA LÉTEN HWAND .S.ÉWENDIS FON THÉRE SELVARE DÉI WÉRON THA OFSKRIFTUM THÉRA HWEL IN TWINTICH HÔNDA [10] ÀND THI ALLE WÉRON ÉNIS HLÛDANDE. ÀFTER NÉI BIFEL.ER THA SKIP.MANNA HJA SKOLDON DUBBELE FÁR.STÉWENE MÁKJA LÉTA. HWÉR AN MÀN ÉNE STÉLEN KRÁN.­BOGE MOCHT FÀSTIGJA. THÉRA THÉR ÀFTERWÉI BILÉV [15] WARTH BIBOT. KVN IMMAN SWÉRA THAT.ER NÉNE MIDLE NAVT NÉDE ALSA MOSTON THA RIKA FON SIN GÁ .T. BITALJA. HJUD SKIL MÀN SJAN HVÉR VPPA AL THÀT BÁHÉI ÛT.HLÁPEN IS. ‘That is right!’ the majority cheered and the rich dared not open their mouths. This speech must have been prepared and written down, for that same evening, copies of it were in well over twenty hands, all exactly the same. Next, he ordered all ship owners to have double prows made, upon which steel crossbows could be fixed.(1) Whoever would not obey this was fined. If anyone could swear not to have the means to commission this work, the rich of his district would have to pay for it instead. Today, one shall see what all this agitation has led to.

(1) steel (STÉLEN) can also be stake, pole - Dutch 'steel/ stelen' (also on p. 201: STÉLA BOGA).

[19b. Streams of Blood]
AN.T NORTH.ENDE FON [20] BRITANJA THÀT FVL MITH HÁGA BERGUN IS THÉR SIT EN SKOTS FOLK. VR.ET MÁRA DÉL ÛT FRYA.S BLOD SPROTEN. VR.A ÉNE HELTE SEND HJA ÛT KÀLTANA FOLGAR VR.ET ÒRA DÉL ÛT BRITNE ÀND BANNENE [25] THÉR BÍ GRÁDUM MITH TÍD FON ÛT.A TINLÔNUM THÉR HINNA FLJUCHTE. THÉR UT.A TINLÔNA KÉMON HÀVATH ALGADUR VRLANDISKA WIVA JEFTHA FON VRLANDHIS TUK. THI ALLE SEND VNDER.ET WELD [30] THÉRA GOLUM. HJARA WÉPNE SEND WODEN BOGA ÀND SPRÍTA MITH PINTUM FON HERT HIS HORNUM ÁK FON In the mountainous, northernmost part of Britannia, a ‘skots’ or tough folk dwells; mostly of Frya's blood. Half of them stem from Kelta followers, the rest from exiled and banned men, who, over the course of time, have taken refuge there from the tin mines. Those from the tin mines have wives that are altogether foreign, or of foreign descent. They are all ruled by the Gols. Their weapons are wooden bows and javelins pointed with antler or

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