[18. Rika: Stealing of Titles]
[1] THÉRVMBE WIL IK THET HIR.NE STÉD FORJUNE. (...) therefore, I want to add it here.
BRÉF FON RIKA THJU ALD.FÁM. VPSÉID TO STÁVEREN BY.T JOL.FÉRSTE. Letter of Rika the elder maiden, read at Staveren at the Yulefeast.
JY ALLE HWAMHIS ÉTHLA MITH FRISO HIR [5] KÉMON. MIN ÉR.BÍDNESSE TO JO. ALSA JY MÉNE SEND JY VNSKELDICH AN OFGODJE. THÉR NIL IK JVD NAVT VR SPRÉKA. MEN JVD WIL IK JO VPPEN LEK WÍSA THÀT FÉ BÉTRE SÍ. You all, whose ancestors arrived here with Friso, my respect to you. You consider yourselves innocent of idolatry. Today I will not address that. Today I will point out to you a failing, which is hardly any better.
JY WÉTATH JEFTHA JY NÉTATH [10] NAVT. HO WR.ALDA THUSAND GLOR.NÔMA HETH. THACH THÀT WÉTHATH JY ALLE. THÀT HY WARTH AL.FÉDER HÉTEN. UT ÉRSÉKE THÀT ALLES INUT IM WARTH ÀND WAXTH TO FÉDING SINRA SKEPSELA. [15] T.IS WÉR THÀT JRTHA WARTH BIHWÍLA ÁK AL.FÉDSTRE HÉTEN. THRVCHDAM HJU ALLE FRÜCHD ÀND NOCHTA BÉRTH HWERMITHA MÀNNISK ÀND DJAR HJARA SELVA FÉDE. THACH NE SKOLDE HJU NÉNE FRÜCHD NER [20] NOCHT NAVT NE BÉRA BÍDAM WRALDA HJA NÉNE KREFTA NE JEF. ÁK WIVA THER HJARA BERN MÀMA LÉTA AN HJARA BROSTA WERTHAT FÉDSTRA HÉTEN. THA NE JEF WR.ALDA THÉR NÉN MELOK IN SA [25] NE SKOLDON THA BERN THÉR NÉNE BÁTE BY FINDA. SÁ THÀT BÍ SLOT FON REKNONG WR.ALDA ALLÉNA FÉDER BILÍWET. You may or may not know how Wralda has a thousand glorious names. This, however, you all know: that he is called ‘all-feeder’, because everything becomes from and grows out of him, so that his creatures may be fed. It is true that Earth sometimes is likewise called ‘all-feederess’, because she brings forth all the fruits and grains that humans and animals feed themselves with. She would, however, not bear any fruits or grains if Wralda did not give her powers. Women who let their children drink from their breasts are also called ‘feederesses’, but if Wralda would not allow the milk to flow, the children would not benefit from it, which means that, ultimately, only Wralda remains ‘feeder’.
THÀT JRTHA BYHWÍLA WARTH AL.FÉDSTRE HETEN ÀND ÉNE MÀM FÉDSTRE KÀN [30] JETA THRVCH.NE WENDE. MEN THÀT.NE MÀN HIM LÉT FÉDER HÉTE VMBE THAT.ER TÁT SÍ. THÀT STRID WITH.ÀJEN ALLE That Earth sometimes is called ‘all-feederess’, and a mom ‘feederess’ is still acceptable, but that a man has himself called ‘father’ or ‘feeder’, because he is a dad, is in conflict with all reason.

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