[1] IN OVIR THÀT BERCH.LAND KVMEN MITH MORTH ÀND BRÔND. VSA STJÛRAR KÉMON THÉR FÁKEN WOL HÁLJA THÀT HJA SELLADE FORI TO BIRÉDE HÛDUM ÀND LINNE. had come into the mountainous land, bringing with it murder and fire. Our steersmen used to go there to get wool in exchange for prepared hides and linen.
ÁSKAR [5] WAS OFTEN MITH WÉST. AN STILNESSE HÉDER MITH THA FÁMNA ÀND MITH SVME FORSTUM ÁTH.SKIP SLOTEN. ÀND HIM SELVA FORBONDEN VMBE THA GOLA TO VRJÁGANE ÛT KÉREN.ÀK. AS.ER THÉRNÉI [10] WITHER KÉM JÉF HI THA FORSTA ÀND WIGANDLIKSTA MANNA ÍSERE HELMA AND STÉLA BOGA. ORLOCH WAS MITH KVMEN ÀND KIRT ÀFTER FLOJADON STRÁMA BLOD BY THA HELLINGA THÉRA [15] BERGUM DEL. Askar had often joined them. He had secretly made an alliance with the maidens and some kings, determined to expel the Gols from Kearenek. At his next visit, he brought iron helmets and steel bows for the kings and bravest men. War had come with him and, before long, streams of blood flowed down the mountain slopes.
THÁ ÁSKAR MÉNDE THAT KANS HIM TO LAKTE. GVNG.ER MITH FJUWERTICH SKÉPUM HIN ÀND NAM KÉREN.ÀK ÀND THENE VRESTE THÉRA GOLUM MITH AL SINE GOLD. THÀT FOLK WÉRMITH HI WITH [20] THA SALT.ÁTHUM THERA GOLUM KÀMPED HÉDE HÉD.ER ÛT.A SAXANA.MARKUM LVKTH MITH LOFTE FON GRÁTE HÉRA.RÁVE ÀND BUT. THUS WARTH THA GOLA NÉWET LÉTEN. ÀFTER NÉI NAM.ER TWÁ É.LANDA [25] TO BERCH FÁR SINUM SKÉPUM. ÀND HWÁNATH HI LÉTER ÛTGVNG VMB ALLE FONÍSJAR SKÉPA ÀND STÉDA TO BIRÁWANE THÉR.I BIGÁNA KV. When Askar believed himself to have good fortune on his side, he went with forty ships and took Kearenek and the supreme Gol, along with all his gold. The folk with whom he fought the mercenaries of the Gols, he had lured from the Saxonmarks, promising them great spoils of war and booty. Thus, nothing was left to the Gols. After that, he took two islands to moor his ships, from whence he later went out to plunder all the Phoenician ships and cities that he could reach.
THÁ.ER TOBEK KÉM BROCHT.I TOMET SEX.HVNDRED THÉRA [30] STORESTE KNÁPUM FON THAT SKOTSE BERCH.FOLK MITH. HI SÉIDE THAT HJA HIM TO BORGUM JÉVEN WÉRON. TILTHJU HI SÉKUR When he returned, he brought almost six hundred of the strongest young men from the Skots mountain folk, saying that they were given him as a guarantee that he

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