[1] STÁTA FÁRA AND BUTA GRÉNE.GÁ ÀND BÛTA MINA STÁT NE WRDON HJA NÀRNE NAVT NE WÉRATH. NÉI THAT ÁSKAR ALSA MITH THA JUTTAR ÀND THA ÔRA DÉNA.MARKAR FORBONDEN [5] WAS GVNGON HJA ALSÉMINE RÁWA. THACH THAT NETH NÉNE GODE FRÜCHDA BÁRED. HJA BROCHTON ALLERLÉJA VRLANDISKA SKÀTA TO HONK MEN JUST THÉRTHRVCH NILDON THÀT JONG FOLK NÉN AMBACHT LÉRA NACH VPPA THA FJELDUM [10] NAVT NE WERKA. SÁ THAT HJA TO THA LERSTA WEL SLÁVONA NIMMA MOSTE. MEN THIT WAS ÉL AL ÀJEN WR.ALDA HIS WILLE ÀND ÀJEN FRIA.S RÉD THÉRVMBE KV STRAF NAVT ÀFTER WÉGA NE BILÍWA. his states and, except in Greanega and my state, they were nowhere prevented. When Askar had thus become allied with the Jutters and the other Danes, they went pirating together, but they reaped bitter fruits from it. They brought home various foreign treasures, but the result was that the young folk lost their ambition to learn a craft or work in the fields, so in the end they had to use slaves. This was all very much against Wralda's will and against Frya's advice. Thus, punishment was inevitable...

[19e. How Punishment Came]
SJAN HÍR HO STRAFFE KVMEN [15] IS. Here is how punishment came:
ÉNIS HÉDON HJA TO SÉMINE ÉNE ÉLE FLÁTE WNNEN. HJA KÉM FON ÛT.A MIDDEL.SÉ. THJUS FLÁTE WAS TOLÉDEN MITH PURPERA KLÁTHAR ÀND ÔRA KOSTLIKHÉD THÉR ALLE FON OF PHONISJA KÉMON. THÀT WRAKA FOLK THÉRE [20] FLÁTE WÀRTH BISÛDA THÉRE SÉJENE AN WAL SET MEN THÀT STORA FOLK WÀRTH HALDEN. THAT MOS RA AS SLÁVONA THJANJA. THA SKÉNNESTE WRDON HALDA VMBE VPPET LAND TO BILÍWANE ÀND THA LÉDLIKSTA ÀND SWARTSTE [25] WRDON AN BORD HALDEN VMBE VPPA THA BENKA TO ROJANDE. Once, they conquered a whole fleet from the Middle Sea together. It was loaded with purple cloth and other valuables that were all coming from Phoenicia. The weak members of its crew were put ashore south of the Seine, but the strong were kept to serve as slaves. The best looking were kept to serve ashore, while the ugliest and swarthiest were kept on board to row on the benches.
AN.T FLÍ WÀRTH THA BODEL DÉLATH MEN SVNDER HJARA WÉTA WÀRTH ÁK HJARA STRAF DÉLATH. FON THA MÀNNISKA THÉR VPPA THA VRLANDISKA SKÉPUN STALT [30] WÉRON WÉRON SEX THRVCH BUK.PIN FELTH. MÀN TOCHTE THÀT.ET ÉTA ÀND DRINKA VRJYVEN WÉRE THÉRVMBE WÀRTH ALLES In the Flee, the loot was shared out, but so was their punishment, yet they did not notice. Of those who were placed on the foreign ships, six died of pain in the belly. The food and drink were believed to be poisoned, so all of it was

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