[1] HJARA SVNUM NÉI STÁVEREN SENDA TO BORG HJARAR TROW. their sons to Staveren, to guarantee their loyalty.
TO NV WAS ALLES NÉI WINSK GVNGEN MEN THÁ MÀN OVIRE RÉNE FÁRA SKOLDE. NILDON THENE KÀNING THÉRA [5] FRANKA NAVT VNDER AL.RIKIS BIFÉLA NAVT NE STVNDA. THÉRTHRVCH LIP ALLES IN THA TÍS. ÁSKAR THÉR MÉNDE THÀT ALLES GOD GVNG. LANDE MITH SINA SKÉPA ANNA THA ÔRE SÍDE THÉRE SKELDA. MEN THÉR WAS MÀN LÔNG FON SIN [10] KVMSTE TO LJUCHT ÀND VPPA SIN HOD. HJA MOSTON ALSA RING FLJUCHTA AS HJA KVMEN WÉRON ÀND ÁSKAR WRDE SELVA FATH. THA GOLA NISTON NAVT HWA HJA FENSEN HÉDE ÀND ALSA WARTH HI ÀFTERNÉI ÛTWIXLATH [15] FORI ÉNNEN HÁGE GOL THÉR ÁSKAR HIS FOLK MITH FORATH HÉDE. Thus far, all had gone as hoped, but when they were to pass the Rhine, the king of the Franks refused to be under Alrik's command, which resulted in chaos. Askar, assuming that all had gone well, landed with his ships on the other side of the Scheldt. But his army was already expected there, so it was forced to flee without success, and Askar himself was caught. The Gols did not know who he was, so he was later exchanged for a high-ranking Gol that Askar's army had taken prisoner.
THAHWILA THÀT.ET ALLES BÉRADE HLIPON THA MÁGJARA JETA DRÍSTER AS TO FÁRA OVIR VSA BÛRA RA LANDA HINNA. BY EGMVDA HWÉR TO [20] FÁRA THÉRE BURCH FOR.ÁNA STÁN HÉDE LÉTON HJA ÉNE CHERKA BVWA JETA GRÁTER ÀND RIKAR AS ÁSKAR TO STÁVEREN DÉN HÉDE. ÁFTERNÉI SÉIDON HJA THAT ÁSKAR THJU KÀSE VRLÉREN HÉDE [25] WITH THA GOLA THRVCHDAM. ET FOLK NAVT LÁWA NAVT NILDE THAT WODIN HJAM HELPA KVSTE ÀND THAT HJA HIM THÉRVMBE NAVT ANBIDDA NILDE. FORTH GVNGON HJA TO ÀND SKÁKTON JONGA BERN THAM HJA [30] BY RA HILDON ÀND VPBROCHTON IN THA HÉMNISSA FON HJARA VRBRUDA LÉRE. Meanwhile, the Magyars were traversing the lands of our neighbors more boldly than ever before. Near Egmuda, where the burg Forana once stood, they built a temple, even larger and richer than Askar had built at Staveren. They later said that Askar had lost the clash with the Gols because the folk would not believe Wodin could help them, and therefore would not worship him. Moreover, they kidnapped young children, whom they kept and raised in the secrets of their depraved doctrine.
WÉRON THÉR MÀNNISKA THAM If there were people who (...)

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